Computer Repair Service Rates

Oklahoma Computer Repair Service Rates

The following fixed-rate labor charges apply to computer repair services performed by Happy PC.. Pick-up/drop-off repairs are subject to 3 day turn-around time.
Labor is guaranteed and carries a 90 day warranty*.
Parts are warranted by the manufacturer, unless otherwise noted in agreement.

Bench Testing 10 min. Courtesy Bench Test/ Diagnosis

$35.00 45 min.-1hr Bench Test/Diagnosis (per computer)

$18.00 Testing exceeding 1 hr. (per computer)



$22.00 Ram, CD/ROM, Wireless USB/Cardbus, Modem, Video Card, Sound Card, Firewire, USB card, Hard Drive (does not include Operating System) Simultaneous installs on same computer will be discounted.
$57.00 Fresh Operating System Install (includes drivers) (not imaged from hard drive-customer must have valid product key for legitimate installation)
$35.00 Operating System Install from image
$30.00 Mirror Hard drive (does not include new hard drive)
$65.00 Mother board replacement/installation (does not include price of motherboard)
$65.00 Electronics repair & capacitor replacement w/soldering
(price includes capacitors- up to 5)
$65.00 Laptop power jack replacement (soldering)
(does not include price of replacement part)
$45.00 Laptop power jack replacement (w/o soldering)
(does not include price of replacement part)


Other Hardware Repairs

$45.00 Laptop screen replacement (does not include screen)
$30.00 Inverter replacement (does not include inverter-if replacing screen and inverter, price will reflect screen replacement only)
$45.00 Spyware, virus, malware removal and cleanup


Courtesy pick-up/drop-off at customers request Repair form must be filled out prior to computer pick-up *Virus removal will be warranted for 10 days and or/2 returns for service within 10 days. After 2 returns, customer is expected to pay full price for virus removal